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Whether you are a prospective or current parent, we get some commonly asked questions about The CinDay Academy. Since we are a private, independent school, there are some misconceptions about our school. Thus, we assembled a panel of parents and educators with a variety of experiences and we refer to the National Association of Independent Schools to address these questions. In their own words, here are their answers.

Q: What is an independent school?

A: Independent schools have unique missions and are each privately supported by tuition payments, charitable contributions and endowment revenue. At The CinDay Academy, our mission is to offer an educational experience that is both challenging and individualized by providing opportunities for the students to explore their interests and develop a passion for learning in a small class environment. We develop the individual student, intellectually, socially, ethically, artistically and physically. Our school offers an environment where all children can reach their full potential.

Q: How are independent schools governed?

A: Independent schools are nonprofit entities that are governed by boards comprised of parents, educators and community leaders.

Q: What is unique about our independent school?

A: We are close-knit communities that are uniquely capable of providing students with individualized attention. We are committed to challenging students to stretch their minds and offer rigorous academic programs in structured learning environments. We also go beyond academics to develop responsible, independent and community-oriented students.

Independent schools encourage teachers to be creative and flexible to make sure students reach their full potential. With more autonomy within the classroom, teachers are able to construct unique learning experiences. They provide their students with hands on learning opportunities and encourage classroom discussions, teamwork and socialization with others.

We also offer students real life learning experiences in and outside of the classroom including field trips, classes with expert guest lecturers and learning through service.

Q: How are independent schools held accountable?

A: We are directly accountable to the parents and students that we serve. Our faculty, administration and trustees collaborate regularly to ensure the highest educational standards are met. We do independently verify that our objectives are met and students are excelling through the administration of standardized tests every year. Results are compared with other schools across the country and we have consistently performed extremely well. In addition, we conduct an annual survey to solicit feedback from our parents.

Q: What are the curriculum requirements of our independent school?

A: Our teachers have the flexibility to select the focus of their classes to meet the most appropriate needs of their students. Our teachers develop a full understanding of how each student learns and what interests and motivates each individually. With this said, we do teach the state standards for each grade level as designated by the Ohio Department of Education. However, this is quickly accomplished allowing the teacher the freedom to pursue a variety of topics in depth.

Q: Will a small school limit the ability for my child to be socially well- adjusted?

A: In our small close knit environment, children are valued for being unique and encouraged to accept others for their differences. Less students in a class means less structure and behavior management issues the teacher needs to address. Students spend more time interacting with their peers and learning in a cohesive environment. In our small environment, each student has more time to shine and gain confidence through such activities as Spotlight Assemblies, collaborative projects, small group activities and student presentations. Thus, the small environment in reality enables each child to be better adjusted.

Q: How are parents involved at the school?

A: We believe in regular contact between teachers, students and parents to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals for the student. The lines of communications between parents and the school are well established. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, lunchroom, and field trips as well as other established school organizations.

Q: What is your philosophy on homework?

A: The purpose of homework is to review and master new skills. It is given in manageable amounts so the students can lead a balance life.

Q: What types of teachers do you find at our independent school?

A: You find an exciting range of educators at independent schools, all of whom share a commitment to students and the pursuit of academic excellence. Our teachers are here for the right reasons. They want the flexibility to teach students how they learn best and make a difference in each child’s life. They share the same mission and vision and collaborate to make this the best learning environment for each child.

Q: How do your teachers differentiate?

Other teachers envy our teachers for their freedom to teach in the manner that enables children to learn best. Our teachers are able to address each child as an individual and tailor the lesson to meet that child’s needs. Whether your child is soaring above the clouds or needs a little assistance, each child will be able to accomplish their goals in our classrooms.

Q: Will I have the same teacher every year?

A: Students will not have the same teacher every year. However, they may have the same teacher for a few years in a row. This is called “looping” and is an excellent way to continue the learning process quickly. The student is familiar with the classroom and the rules while the teacher is familiar with the student’s capabilities. At the beginning of each year, there is no adjustment period. Instead, learning is a continuum from the previous year.

Q: Does The CinDay Academy offer financial assistance?

A: Yes, we offer need based scholarships. The scholarship fund’s purpose is to provide financial assistance to those who demonstrate a financial hardship. The school’s goal is to encourage a diverse student body and accept students that match the school’s mission and philosophy regardless of financial status.

Q: A private education is expensive. Why should I pay when I can get an education for free?

A: We believe that an education at our independent school pays dividends that last a lifetime. Research also tells us that children learn best when they are comfortable and happy. In our small, nurturing school, we are able to achieve these attributes so that the children can concentrate on the process of learning. What wouldn’t you give for your child to have a foundation that will provide them with the tools to meet life’s challenges and create successes?

Q: Does The CinDay Academy have a lot of extra fees above and beyond the tuition?

A: CDA only has a few fees besides tuition. We charge a nominal amount for field trips, supplies and technology that is collected at the beginning of the school year. Our After School Enrichment opportunities are all optional classes and the fees are low to maintain affordability.

Q: I want my child to participate on team sports. Will these be available at The CinDay Academy?

A: We do have team activities during physical education, our After School Enrichment Clubs and offsite athletic EXTRA classes. However, we also search out opportunities in the community to participate on sports teams with such organizations as the YMCA, Clearcreek Youth Leagues and parochial school leagues.

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