CinDay Academy

Early Childhood

An emphasis on hands on, developmentally appropriate experiences that encourages an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

The Early Childhood Program for children 3–5 years consists of a combination of Learning Centers, Free Choice Centers, Meeting Time and Music & Gross Motor Time for the children to learn about language arts, math, science, art, social studies, music and more.

CinDay Academy's foundation and teaching methods are based on Gardener's Theories of Multiple Intelligence. Our classrooms are set up to recognize there are many different ways to show intelligence and we celebrate that using Differentiated Instruction.

Learning good character skills of sharing, kindness and teamwork as well as working on large gross motor skills is just as important as learning the ABC's and 123's during these early years. All areas are emphasized daily at school. On a typical day, you will find one of our school pets visiting a class, another class cooking in the kitchen while another will be exploring the outdoors in a real fossil pit. In our school, singing,laughing, working together, asking questions and getting messy is a must.


  • Early Childhood — 5 half days or 5 full days per week for 3–4 year olds
  • Pre-Kindergarten — 5 full days per week for 4–5 year olds

Language Arts

Our students are immersed in literature so that they become aware that print conveys a message and learn from pre-reading strategies. They also are introduced to good writing habits.

The Math Program

The children are exposed to a wide range of mathematical concepts to help them increase their knowledge of basic math skills. This program is based on research that indicates young children learn best with real materials or manipulatives, rather than abstract symbols on a worksheet.

The Art Program

The children are exposed to the elements of art through line, shape, space, texture, color, and form. A variety of art materials are available throughout the school year. The children are also able to use these materials during their creative playtime.


The children explore their environment and interact with materials in order to make predictions, ask questions, and gather information.

Social Studies

The children broaden their perspective about their family, home, school, community and world. This is done daily during theme-related activities. Special community projects and people will be integrated into the Social Studies Curriculum.

Each day, the students will experience Gross Motor and Music Time in our outdoor play space which takes the learning outside with dramatic play houses, wooden boat & bridge, tunnels, rock wall, water tables, dinosaur pit and gardens. When it's too cold to play outside, the big room and gross motor resources provide ample opportunities.

There are also 4 parent led parties during the school year, special events during the school day to bring the learning theme to life each month and weekend activities to bring our families closer.

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