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Providing children skills to achieve unlimited possibilities for exciting new discoveries and developments.

The Elementary years consist of Primary classes, grades 1st-3rd and Intermediate classes, grades 4th-5th. During Elementary, there are opportunities for the students to explore their interests and develop a passion for learning in a small close knit classroom environment. This innovative approach to learning has an integrated and theme based curriculum that continues throughout the Elementary years.

CinDay has transformed the traditional classroom to align with the research and future. We have Student Centered Classrooms.

Primary Classes

Our students are immersed in literature so that they become aware that print conveys a message and learn from pre-reading strategies. They also are introduced to good writing habits.

This program is based on National and State Standards combined with the best teaching practices. The curriculum features motivating, interdisciplinary activities with attention to learning styles, multiple intelligences and interests as well as abilities. It is individualized and differentiated so children can learn at their own pace. It is connected to students’ experiences, talents and the real world so they develop a passion for learning.

Primary Classes

In this classroom, you will see children sitting in bean bag chairs or small tables as they collaborate on a project incorporating their writings & paintings, work alone at a table at their own level or sit on the meeting rug listening to a story.

Intermediate Classes

The integrated and theme based approach continues into the Intermediate years. There are a variety of teaching methods designed to reach every student in the ways they naturally understand and assimilate information and skills. Many of these methods are included in the project-based learning approach, such as doing research, reading information, and acting out concepts, working with a group, having a discussion, or making a graphic representation of a solution. Every student has individual learning preferences and types and several of these are utilized when teaching a concept to help students learn and to reinforce the target information and skills.

Intermediate Classes

The math program builds upon the prior knowledge of facts and concepts through large group, small group and web-based instruction time. This allows every child to learn at their own pace with pre-assessments and post assessments. Teachers easily track where the student excels or needs additional assistance.

A highlight of the Intermediate years is a yearlong Legacy Project. Student’s research and interview an extended family member then compile their findings into a book of their life. The student then invites the family member to a reception in the spring in which they present the book to the entire class. It is a memorable and bonding moment between generations.

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