CinDay Academy

High School

The teacher and counselors, work with their students to discover their strengths and passions and nurture them so they are prepared for the challenges and diversity of life.

With a rich and rigorous curriculum, the high school is a blended learning classroom that capitalizes on hands-on teaching, digital technology and extended learning opportunities, designed to boost student achievement. A team of specialists work with students to chart their paths for three key areas: academics, social skills and career path.

Alumni majors and colleges.

Independence is fostered while areas of strength are identified and passions nurtured. Creativity and adaptability are the new imperatives in this next step in their educational journey. When technology is combined with strong, skilled teachers and a student centered focus, it makes for a classroom where teachers are able to build powerful relationships and direct their attention where students need them most. Our unique, differentiated approach develops leaders, lifelong learners and lasting skills for the real world.


Students of all abilities reach their potential by achieving personalized goals at their own pace. Our mastery-based program ensures solid academic foundations are laid and this approach significantly reduces the risk of gaps in learning. It offers multiple and diverse opportunities to prove mastery of concepts according to different learning styles.

Students are provided with realistic short- and long-term goals within an optimized, balanced schedule, which allows opportunity to earn dual high school/college credit or master the material and take an AP exam or College Credit Plus for college credit. All courses are ODE accredited and grounded in proven research so that all students succeed.

Career Path

Developing strengths, pursing passions and taking a learning style inventory are important components in developing essential pre-employment and life skills. Our high school program has limitless possibilities tailored to each student’s particular strengths and interests through experiential learning such as job shadows, field studies, professional mentors, project-based learning, entrepreneurship opportunities and real-life application of foreign languages. Elective courses will complement the career path of interest. Students will ask themselves, who am I, what do I want to do and where do I excel. They will form a picture of their future and be excited and motivated by the possibilities. Our College and Career Planning Handbook provides a resource to guide our students through their high school years to plan for college, career and beyond.

Social Skills

CinDay uses student-centered methods of learning based upon the latest neuroscience research, while focusing on 21st century skills today’s graduates need: creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Students benefit from multiple corporate partnerships which enable students to experience the link between their curriculum and real-world applications. At CinDay, high school families discover the joy of learning in a happy, healthy and safe environment.

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