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Middle School

In the 21st century, learners will work collaboratively with their peers. They will also participate in real-life, real-world service learning projects

The middle school encompasses grades 6th-8th and applies our school philosophy to the unique needs of pre-adolescent students. Instruction continues in a small class setting, at an individualized pace, with a focus on the process of learning. The Middle School environment seeks to gently guide students towards becoming more independent and responsible. This is done in a variety of ways through school to home folders, personal responsibility checklists, and practice in time management. Students also take more of a leadership role in the school through school jobs. Each student also has an independent study requirement in which students utilize all of their skills they have learned to work on a project based on their interest. The middle school experience also offers Spanish, and STEM maker-space .

CinDay understands how important the adolescent years are for learning, as the brain research has indicated the importance of, Use it or Lose it, as shown in this video.

Hallmarks of the program

  • A greater emphasis on student responsibility and school-wide leadership
  • Incorporation of technology-related skills into daily work and assignments
  • Service projects
  • Health education for adolescents

Field Studies

Another unique component, Field Studies, focuses on teaching academic and social skills in the natural setting for their real-life use, automatically answering the question “why do we need to know this?” Students engage in weekly field trips, host guest speakers in the classroom and participate in community service projects. By regularly accessing the community, students will be more equipped to join and serve it successfully in the years ahead.

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