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Advanced students excel with CinDay's limitless possibilities


Advanced students excel with CinDay's limitless possibilities

Your Advanced student is remarkable

Is your child a go-getter with a sharp mind? A high achiever who has experienced success in the classroom? Do you feel like your gifted child has hit an academic ceiling and needs more challenge? Let’s be honest, you know your child better than anyone, and you have raised them to work hard and take school seriously. So if you think school is getting too easy for them, then it probably is. And the last thing you want is for your child to become “bored” with education. It’s too important to their future!

Let us tell you about a CinDay sophomore who knows exactly how you’re feeling…

Since preschool, she has been a winner. At school, at sports, at music. Whatever she put her hand to turned to gold. And as she grew as a student, she found herself constantly asking her teachers for more work, or for work at the next grade level. Her parents went to the school and asked how she could be challenged more, but with almost 30 students per class, her teachers had to stick to their procedures and found it hard to individualize. Not only was she not being pushed, she was actually being held back from achieving her gifted potential.

Since coming to CinDay, she will tell you that one of her favorite things about school now is that she can individually move forward with no limitations and is certainly never bored. She engages in project-based learning endeavors with professional mentors and personalized goals. She is able to assert her intellect and stretch her abilities without restraint. With CinDay’s challenging academic plan designed just for her, she finally feels fulfilled as a learner.

CinDay’s promise to advanced students is that they will have opportunities to reach academic depths beyond what they thought possible and become the leaders you, the parents, always dreamed they would be.

The quality of education is excellent and challenging, offering small classes with a multi-age environment, which allows all children to work at their own level.

Exceptional Test Scores

CinDay is proud of our high national percentile ranking each year on standardized tests. Although we put very little emphasis on test preparation, we average in the 95th percentile annually. We believe test scores are only one of many ways to assess our students’ progress. Class participation, oral presentations, special projects, and group engagement are among the other ways students may demonstrate content mastery.

Working Beyond Grade Level

CinDay students work at their own challenging ability level as opposed to chronological grade. It is not uncommon for students to work two to three levels above beyond common grade level standards. We will take your student as high as they can go regardless of age, and they won’t waste time with busy work that is below their advanced level.

Open-Ended, Project Based Learning

This allows each student to immerse deeply into topics of their own choosing and interests. With project based learning, students are not limited to topics only at their grade level, nor are they tethered to a text book. They can take their projects to their next level and dive deeper into critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Self-Directed Learning

When students are given the freedom to discover and explore their own interest areas and apply self-directed learning, they become more engaged and learning success is ensured. At CinDay, we provide the time, space and personal guidance to remove the barriers and boundaries that are holding gifted students back. Through SDL, students can unlock their passions and true potential as they learn to apply goal-setting, self-discipline, time management and collaboration techniques.

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