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Our March Mission: Remarkable

What do you do when you have a passion for teaching? What do you do when you can’t find a creative and nurturing school environment? What happens when you want the best for your children and others? Well, these were the challenges facing Gina Pangalangan in 2002.

“Ah Ha” Gina decided to put her passion, talents and learnings into PLAY. As a result, she set out on an adventure to start a preschool with 40 children in a church with 2 classrooms.

The preschool which focused on working with students’ unique interests and strengths became so popular, Gina built the MIM building. With this philosophy, the first preschool class didn’t want to leave & more students wanted to join so the school expanded to 8 th grade and another building was purchased & renovated in 2006

Then, in 2013, the school kept growing and once again needed more space. This time, Gina called upon the community of supporters at the “I Dream Night” to help build Impact Point, arts & fitness facility. Many families made significant contributions, some of whom you may not know as they have paid it forward with their generosity to make IP a reality: Cismesia, Bricking, Cullen, Depp, Duncan, Everding, Frommling, Khan, Knopf, Matson, Melvin, Pangalangan, Patrick, Scartz, Stanley, Taggart, Thomson and Valentine.

With over a 7 acre campus and 4 learning buildings, this Ah Ha moment has been a change trajectory for countless students over the past 15 years. It grew from a preschool of 40 to a Pre-High School of 250.

Once again, the school is at capacity and so the time has come in 2018 to complete the final path to a Remarkable future with campus improvements. A green space for middle and high school brain breaks…..parking lot enhancements to increase student safety and improve traffic flow…. complete last phase of renovations to North so that more students can experience a reimagined learning experience

Whether your student will benefit from these campus improvements this year, next year or you are paying it forward like those before you, we ask that you join us by being a part of helping students on their path to a Remarkable future.

CDA's Remarkable Journey

2002  School Founded– Minds In Motion
2004  Built school for Preschool– K
2005  Expanded to 8th grade—created The Academy
2006  Purchased building and renovated
2014  Built Impact Point, Arts & Fitness Facility
2016  Expanded through High School and renamed CinDay
2017   Purchased 7100 sq ft building for upper grades
2018  Improve parking lot, landscape the grounds and add signage to our campus

Master Plan

  • Redesigned parking lot with new entrance
  • Improved campus directional signage
  • Additional and defined borders
  • Safe green space for North students
  • Renovations to North to occupy entire building & expand South classrooms for more active learning space.

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