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Students with different learning styles thrive in an environment that focuses on their needs


Students with different learning styles thrive in an environment that focuses on their needs

Your Unique student is remarkable

It’s not a place you ever thought you would be, but here you are nonetheless. Your child is struggling academically and you are not sure how to help. Although well-intentioned, the traditional teaching methods just aren’t working and it feels like your child is getting further and further behind. And the further behind, the more discouraged and consequently less motivated he will be.

If only there was a place you could find some hope. Fortunately there is! If you are serious about finding the best fit and solution for your child, restoring the light to his eyes and the love of learning to his heart, check out this story of a fourth-grader at CinDay.

Every child has a story. And at CinDay, we take time to listen to each of our student’s stories, because the story can hold the key to unlocking learning. Here is Katie’s story.

Katie came to CDA in the third grade with several learning challenges, one of which was ADHD. Her parents were told by previous schools that she was a distraction, unorganized and unfocused. They frequently dealt with tears: tears over homework, tears over report cards, and tears over going to school in general.

But today, Katie’s tears have turned to smiles. Her parents weren’t willing to accept an educational system that wasn’t meeting their daughter’s needs, and since coming to CinDay, Katie’s grades, focus, motivation and happiness have completely turned around. Because Katie’s teachers at CinDay are trained in the latest brain research, they recognize that no two students are alike, nor do they learn in the same way. In our smaller classrooms, CDA teachers give her personal attention. Because CDA teachers themselves “become a student of each student”, Katie’s teachers invest time to see how she learns best and understand her strengths and struggles and know what sparks her interest. Katie’s parents are assured by open communication with her teachers and are thrilled that their daughter has finally found her sweet spot and their family can now spend evenings without tears.

The learning individualization at this school is amazing. Students are assessed in each subject and get customized learning for that subject, much of which is enabled through the use of technology and smart learning apps. They also loop grade levels which helps not only with leadership development, but also helps to eliminate stigma around students learning at different levels and paces - it's just a natural occurrence in the classroom setting.

Compassionate Teachers

CinDay teachers not only want their students to succeed, but they sincerely want them to believe they are successful learners, gain a sense of accomplishment and feel proud of themselves.

Guided Small Group Instruction

In small class sizes, students do not become disengaged, miss critical concepts, or get passed over. We cater to your child’s learning needs in a way that helps them understand and retain the content.

Customized Learning Plans

Students are given additional support when needed so that all types of learners can master all subjects. Teachers remain close by to address any material that needs extra attention or needs explained in a different way.

Brain Breaks

When students’ brains become anxious, highly confused or overwhelmed, information cannot be stored in the memory system, and thus learning is halted. Brain breaks switch activity to different brain networks in order to restore calm and focus to overtaxed neurological systems. To learn more about brain breaks, click here.

Making Learning Fun

At CinDay we believe all students want to learn and it is our job to capture their attention and keep it. That is why we keep our classrooms creative, flexible, active, and stress-free.

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