Did you know that studies have shown children lose one to two months of math and reading skills over the summer! Don’t stress! There are ways to prevent this. By continuing to practice and review skills, students will maintain their level of academics and even continue to grow!

WE HAVE A SOLUTION! CinDay BRAIN BUCKETS (PreK-4th Grade) are personalized, grade level appropriate bins of learning fun. CinDay teachers are creating and personally packaging take-home activities with detailed descriptions for application to keep your child progressing toward her academic goals. Our hope for these buckets is to offer a short and sweet child-led learning experience for summer mornings or evenings. These buckets are also a wonderful option for parents trying to guide their children off of screens and into some good hands-on activities.

Each personalized bucket costs $59.99 and includes a detailed description of activities for all of the supplies. We have a limited amount of buckets available and they are going fast!

CDA will contact you when your Brain Bucket is ready for pick up!

*$10 off when you buy two

Purchase here!

a remarkable approach to education

The CinDay Academy is a private, independent pre-12th grade school in Dayton, Ohio, offering all students individualized learning plans based on cutting-edge brain science research. Coached by a team of devoted teachers, professional mentors and advisors, CinDay Academy students develop their unique talents and interest toward personalized goals.

undeniable facts

  • 95%Above grade level on standardized tests
  • 1 to 9Staff to student ratio. Caring & Nurturing
  • 100%Student's passions & interests
  • 1 to 1Students receive iPads & computers

Personalized  approach

15 years experience in individualized education tailored to each individual student.

The learning individualization at this school is amazing. Students are assessed in each subject and get customized learning for that subject. They also loop grade levels which helps not only with leadership development, but also helps to eliminate stigma around students learning at different levels and paces - it's just a natural occurrence in the classroom setting.

CinDay Parent

Continuous research

Our principles based are on the most up-to-date pediatric neuroscience findings.

It was clear that this was no ordinary school. There was no evidence of cookie cutter education, no kids staring blankly at a textbook or computer screen. They were engaged in a multitude of activities, all revolving around the topic of study.

CinDay Parent

Incredible  results

An average national percentile rank of 95.  Students perform a minimum of one level above their grade level.

A truly cutting-edge school where theory becomes practice as the child’s needs and optimal learning environment is the number one goal.

CinDay Parent

CDA families

We understand the importance of communicating and working as a team toward a common goal of providing an individualized and meaningful environment that builds a foundation for lifelong learning.

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